Pastors Dan and Jane Smith

Dan and Jane Smith have been the senior pastors of the Vineyard since its founding in 1982.

Dan was born in South Africa and grew up in Zimbabwe, it was called "Rhodesia" back then. He came to this country in 1961 with his family, lived in upstate New York for three years, then moved to California. Dan got his B.A. in theology from Southwestern College in Oklahoma City, then his M.A. in theology from Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, California. 

Dan met Jane while at college in Oklahoma City, and they were married in 1974 in San Diego. They have two daughters, Lindsey and Stephanie.

Dan's father, Daniel J. Smith, was a businessman and part-time church planter in Africa. His grandfather, John Smith, was a ministry partner with David DuPlessis, an early pioneer in the Charismatic Movement in the '60's. Both of Jane's parents were pastors, as was her grandfather, who officiated their wedding.

After pastoring a pentecostal church in Rosemead, CA, for about five years, they moved to Camarillo and founded the Camarillo Vineyard Church in 1982.

Dan and Jane have a passion for the Kingdom of God. They carry the conviction that another "Great Awakening" is beginning to unfold in California, and they live to see the time when millions come to Christ in this beautiful state. 

They further believe that the experience of the Holy Spirit will be a central component of this revival, and they derive great joy from seeing people impacted by the powerful presence of the Spirit. Dan and Jane have dedicated themselves personally, and this fellowship corporately to seeking God's presence with hunger, urgency, and purpose. They are confident that In God's presence is fullness of joy (Psalm 16:11) and the power to carry out His mission. (Acts 1:8)

Dan is a published author. His book The Wind and the Rudder was released September 1st, 2012. CLICK HERE for more information on the book.